Worry Less, Parent Better By: Karen Latimer [Audiobook]


Worry Less, Parent Better By: Karen Latimer [Audiobook]

Worry Less, Parent Better By: Karen Latimer [Audiobook] | Audiobooks – Self-Help | M4B@126kb/s | 263.52 MiB
2023-09-07 | ASIN: B0CH3TNGQZ | english | 4h49m

Author: Dr. Karen Latimer
Narrated by: Dr. Karen Latimer

The minute you find out you’re going to be a parent, the wondrous journey begins. But with the joy and excitement comes a never ending waterfall of worry. Is my baby gaining enough weight? Will she ever sleep through the night? Oh, no, he hates vegetables. Why isn’t she taking to the cello? Is he going to make varsity basketball? Did someone say something mean on social media? She only scored 1100 on her SATs? How will he ever be able to support himself if he doesn’t get into a good college? What if I can’t stand her boyfriend? How will she buy her first house?

If you let it, parenting worry will move into your brain and stay there for a lifetime. The problem: It robs you of joy, of being in the moment and savoring the many awesome parts of raising kids. Worrying doesn’t make you a better parent. It induces unnecessary stress and anxiety.

In Worry Less, Parent Better, family physician and mother of five Dr. Karen Latimer tackles six major topics that plague the parent brain: food, sleep, health and safety, socialization, technology, and achievement. In each, she examines the problems at large that prompt worry, she identifies exactly what we worry about, and finally, she offers practical steps and tips for alleviating it so you can enjoy the journey a whole lot more.

Told with her signature humor and candor, Dr. Latimer will help you feel lighter, more confident, and able to ease up.

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