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MX vs ATV Legends 2024 AMA Pro Motocross Championship-RUNE

MX vs ATV Legends 2024 AMA Pro Motocross Championship-RUNE | Games PC | ISO | 38.87 GiB Genre: Racing, Sports Developer: Rainbow Studios Publisher: THQ Nordic Release Date: 21 May, 2024 Steam URL: Compete like the pros on 12 official tracks from the 2024 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, including the legendary Loretta Lynn’s!


WARNO-RUNE | Games PC | ISO | 26.85 GiB Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy Developer: Eugen Systems Publisher: Eugen Systems Release Date: 23 May, 2024 Steam URL: Realistic, immersive, breathtaking. WARNO is the ultimate World War III battle simulator from the masters of strategy, Eugen Systems. A Cold War turns decisively hot as you command hundreds of units on a beautiful and brutal battlefield. Outsmart, outfight, and lead your forces…

Senuas Saga Hellblade II-FLT

Senuas Saga Hellblade II-FLT | Games PC | ISO | 48.23 GiB Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Ninja Theory Publisher: Xbox Game Studios Release Date: 21 May, 2024 Steam URL: The sequel to the award winning Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Senua returns in a brutal journey of survival through the myth and torment of Viking Iceland. Intent on saving those who have fallen victim to the horrors of tyranny, Senua faces a battle of overcoming the darkness…

Kingdom of Arcana-TENOKE

Kingdom of Arcana-TENOKE | Games PC | ISO | 48.13 GiB Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG Developer: Slash Games Publisher: Slash Games Release Date: 16 May, 2024 Steam URL: Embark on a magical odyssey in the Kingdom of Arcana! Play as Levi, a skilled mage battling to liberate five kingdoms from the tyrannical grip of the sinister Aurelius. Explore 50 levels across 5 enchanted realms, conquer 20 bosses, and unveil your destiny in this gripping…


EVERSPACE 2 v1 2 39726-TENOKE | Games PC | ISO | 33.58 GiB Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Simulation Developer: ROCKFISH Games Publisher: ROCKFISH Games Release Date: 6 Apr, 2023 Steam URL: EVERSPACE 2 is a fast-paced single-player spaceship shooter with exploration in space and on planets, tons of loot, RPG elements, mining, and crafting. Experience an exciting sci-fi story set in a vivid, handcrafted open world full of secrets, puzzles, and…

Back 4 Blood-RUNE

Back 4 Blood-RUNE | Games PC | ISO | 49.73 GiB Genre: Action Developer: Turtle Rock Studios Publisher: Warner Bros. Games Release Date: 12 Oct, 2021 Steam URL: Back 4 Blood is a thrilling cooperative first-person shooter from the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. Experience the intense 4 player co-op narrative campaign, competitive multiplayer as human or Ridden, and frenetic gameplay that keeps you in the action.

MotoGP 24-RUNE

MotoGP 24-RUNE | Games PC | ISO | 22.87 GiB Genre: Racing, Sports Developer: Milestone S.r.l. Publisher: Milestone S.r.l. Release Date: May 2, 2024 Steam URL: Rev up your engines, MotoGP™24 is back! Dive into the heart-pounding action of the 2024 season and immerse yourself in the thrills of unexplored landscapes, all thanks to the revolutionary Riders market!

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis-FLT

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis-FLT | Games PC | 490.19 MiB Genre: Action Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd. Publisher: CAPCOM Co., Ltd. Release Date: Apr 2, 2020 Steam URL: Jill Valentine is one of the last remaining people in Raccoon City to witness the atrocities Umbrella performed. To stop her, Umbrella unleashes their ultimate secret weapon: Nemesis! Also includes Resident Evil Resistance, a new 1 vs 4 online multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil…

Half Life Final Repack-RazorISO

Half Life Final Repack-RazorISO | Games PC | 662.77 MiB Genre: Action Developer: Geoff Keighley Publisher: Geoff Keighley Release Date: Jul 9, 2020 Steam URL: THE FINAL HOURS OF HALF-LIFE: ALYX is an interactive storybook, written by Geoff Keighley, that takes fans inside Valve Software to chronicle the company’s past decade of game development, including the return of Half-Life.

Black And White-FLT

Black And White-FLT | Games PC | 702.11 MiB Developer: 零创游戏(ZerocreationGame) Publisher: 方块游戏(CubeGame) Release Date: Apr 4, 2023 Steam URL: 反乌托邦题材的视觉小说+战棋游戏《二分之一》——黑与白、感性与理性、自由与秩序:遵循你的信念,加入你的阵营。 《二分之一》的原声音乐集。


Mushihimesama-HI2U | Games PC | 859.25 MiB Genre: Action Developer: CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD. Publisher: KOMODO Release Date: Nov 12, 2015 Steam URL: Battle huge "Koju" bugs in CAVE's beautiful fantasy shooter, Mushihimesama. Experience the thrill of bullet hell from the masters of the genre as you evade visually stunning shot patterns with thousands of bullets.

Lords of the Fallen Master of Fate-TENOKE

Lords of the Fallen Master of Fate-TENOKE | Games PC | ISO | 34.11 GiB Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG Developer: HEXWORKS Publisher: CI Games Release Date: Oct 13, 2023 Steam URL: A vast world awaits in all-new, dark fantasy action-RPG, Lords of the Fallen. As one of the fabled Dark Crusaders, embark on an epic quest to overthrow Adyr, the demon God. VERSION 1.5 OUT NOW: adding significant performance improvements + custom difficulty modifiers.

Graviteam Tactics The Far Escape-SKIDROW

Graviteam Tactics The Far Escape-SKIDROW | Games PC | ISO | 22.78 GiB Genre: Simulation, Strategy Developer: Graviteam Publisher: Graviteam Release Date: Apr 21, 2024 Steam URL: Soviet troops of the SWF were encircled near Kiev. CMG Belov received the order of advance to the Romny to provide support to the encircled troops. In order to prevent a breakthrough of the encirclement ring, the German HQ strengthened the outer perimeter with elements of…

Case Files Behind Closed Doors-TiNYiSO

Case Files Behind Closed Doors-TiNYiSO | Games PC | ISO | 13.16 GiB Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation Developer: Think Ten Media Group Publisher: Think Ten Media Group Release Date: Apr 11, 2024 Steam URL: An FMV murder mystery, police interrogation, detective experience.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes-RUNE

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes-RUNE | Games PC | ISO | 18.73 GiB Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy Developer: Rabbit & Bear Studios Publisher: 505 Games Release Date: 23 Apr, 2024 Steam URL: Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes is designed to bring players a modern take on a classic JRPG experience. Get ready to lead 100+ playable characters through a war-torn world only you can save.

House Builder The Atomic Age-TENOKE

House Builder The Atomic Age-TENOKE | Games PC | ISO | 26.55 GiB Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation Developer: FreeMind S.A. Publisher: PlayWay S.A., FreeMind S.A. Release Date: Jan 15, 2024 Steam URL: Become a one-man construction crew! Travel around the world and through the ages to build iconic designs! Beware of unpleasant temperatures and dangerous fauna!

Do Not Feed the Monkeys v1 0 4-SiMPLEXDo Not Feed the Monkeys…

Do Not Feed the Monkeys v1 0 4-SiMPLEXDo Not Feed the Monkeys v1 0 4-SiMPLEX | Games PC | 243.71 MiB Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy Developer: Fictiorama Studios, BadLand Games Publishing S.L. Publisher: Alawar Release Date: Oct 23, 2018 Steam URL: A digital voyeur simulator where you watch strangers through surveillance cameras. Invade their privacy and witness their most intimate moments, but don’t interact with the subjects – anything could…

Tintin Reporter Cigars of the Pharaoh v20240404-Razor1911

Tintin Reporter Cigars of the Pharaoh v20240404-Razor1911 | Games PC | ISO | 32.64 GiB Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Pendulo Studios Publisher: Microids Release Date: Nov 7, 2023 Steam URL: Tintin and his faithful companion Snowy are going to experience some extraordinary adventures…After meeting Professor Sarcophagus whilst cruising the Mediterranean Sea, the famous reporter sets out in search of the tomb of the Pharaoh Kih-Oskh.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spiders Thread-RUNE

Ghostwire Tokyo Spiders Thread-RUNE | Games PC | ISO | 22.60 GiB Genre: Action Developer: Tango Gameworks Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Release Date: Mar 24, 2022 Steam URL: Tokyo's population has vanished, and deadly supernatural forces prowl the streets. Use an arsenal of elemental abilities to unravel the truth behind the disappearance and save Tokyo.