Water: A Biography By: Giulio Boccaletti [Audiobook]


Water: A Biography By: Giulio Boccaletti [Audiobook]

Water: A Biography By: Giulio Boccaletti [Audiobook] | Audiobooks – Math/Science/Tech | [email protected]/s | 779.04 MiB
2021-09-14 | ASIN: 0593395395 | english | 14h17m

Author: Giulio Boccaletti
Narrated by: Giulio Boccaletti

Spanning millennia and continents, here is a stunningly revealing history of how the distribution of water has shaped human civilization. Boccaletti, of The Nature Conservancy, “tackles the most important story of our time: our relationship with water in a world of looming scarcity” (Kelly McEvers, NPR host).

Writing with authority and brio, Giulio Boc­caletti – honorary research associate at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Univer­sity of Oxford – shrewdly combines environmental and social history, beginning with the earliest civ­ilizations of sedentary farmers on the banks of the Nile, the Tigris, and the Euphrates Rivers. Even as he describes how these societies were made possible by sea-level changes from the last glacial melt, he incisively examines how this type of farming led to irrigation and multiple cropping, which, in turn, led to a population explosion and labor specialization. 

We see with clarity how irrigation’s structure informed social structure (inventions such as the calendar sprung from agricultural necessity); how in ancient Greece, the communal ownership of wells laid the groundwork for democracy; how the Greek and Roman experiences with water security resulted in systems of taxation; and how the modern world as we know it began with a legal framework for the development of water infrastructure. 

Extraordinary for its monumental scope and piercing insightfulness, Water: A Biography richly enlarges our understanding of our relationship to – and fundamental reliance on – the most elemental substance on Earth.

Cover image: “Vista”, painting by Tobias Tovera © 2016

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