Governor: Inside The Maze By: William McKee


Governor: Inside The Maze By: William McKee

Governor: Inside The Maze By: William McKee | Ebooks – General Non-Fiction | PDF | 12.61 MiB
| ISBN: 9781981330942 | English

Author: Mr. William John McKee

This book tells the true story of the murder of a paramilitary leader inside the walls of what was supposed to be the most secure prison in the western world. Was there state sponsored collusion? The author lays the facts before you which include the aborted murder attempt in a different prison and the subsequent relocation of the both the paramilitary leader and the gunmen which left the assassins even closer to their target. The book also details how the Governor in charge on the day of the murder had his reputation tarnished as the story of the murder was replayed on the front pages of newspapers, the internet and TV screens throughout the western world! This same Governor who became a target for all of the paramilitary factions in Northern Ireland during the conflict. A man who lost all that was dear to him and survived three murder attempts on his own life. This story is a captivating read.

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