Dangerous People, Dangerous Places By: Norman Parker


Dangerous People, Dangerous Places By: Norman Parker

Dangerous People, Dangerous Places By: Norman Parker | Ebooks – General Non-Fiction | PDF | 22.68 MiB
| ISBN: 9781844544509 | English

Author: Norman Parker

After spending nearly three decades in prison for murder, and having used his time inside to educate himself and gain a degree, Norman Parker emerged to become a bestselling author with his Parkhurst Tales books, which reveal the secret world of Britain’s toughest jails. He went on to become a journalist for several newspapers and magazines, and this book collects his most incredible stories from around the world. Always on the lookout for adventure, Norman had by turns been in search of the most notorious criminals, the most extreme gangs, and the most dangerous organizations at large in the world today. From the inner sanctum of the IRA, to meeting the most notorious killers, to gaining entry to the darkest secrets of the Colombian drug empires and the Guerrilla forces operating within them, Norman has fearlessly accepted journalistic assignments that many would shy away from. The result is a fascinating document of intrigue, violence, and corruption both at home and abroad, told with the insight of a man who has fraternized with some of the toughest criminals in the country during his years behind bars. Written with compelling frankness and intelligence, this is a must read for anyone intrigued by the truth about the most fearsome people and places on earth.

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