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Resurgence Canovas Casino-PLAZA

Resurgence Canovas Casino-PLAZA | PC Games | ISO | 2.27 GiB Genre: Adventure, Indie Developer: Lightning Man Media Publisher: Lightning Man Media Release Date: Sep 12, 2017 Steam URL: When his daughter Rosie goes missing after a car crash, Jason Dawn thinks his debts with the mob have come back to haunt him. His past leads him to a final confrontation where Jason learns the terrible truth.


Aquamarine-PLAZA | PC Games | ISO | 957.45 MiB Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy Developer: Moebial Studios Publisher: Hitcents Release Date: Jan 20, 2022 Steam URL: A quiet survival adventure about perception and discovery in an alien ocean. Explore a planet reclaimed by nature. Cultivate new life to survive. Journey into unknown depths. Find your way home.

Sentimental K-TiNYiSO

Sentimental K-TiNYiSO | PC Games | ISO | 642.55 MiB Genre: Action, Indie Developer: Fordays Co.,Ltd. Publisher: Fordays Co.,Ltd. Release Date: Jan 17, 2022 Steam URL: 'Sentimental K' is a 3D roguelike action game. Weapons, skills, artifacts, bosses, dungeon layouts change randomly every time you play. Try to make synergistic choices and enjoy the unexpected and challenging play!


Elementite-SKIDROW | PC Games | 14.21 GiB Genre: Action, Indie, RPG Developer: Danilo Solo Dev Publisher: Mayflower Entertainment Release Date: Jan 18, 2022 Steam URL: Elementite is a third-person shooter RPG that fuses natural elements and futuristic firearms in a vast chaotic open world of challenges and secrets in a way never seen before.

EscapeWorld Dilemma-TiNYiSO

EscapeWorld Dilemma-TiNYiSO | PC Games | ISO | 11.27 GiB Genre: Adventure, Indie Developer: Sonoma Games Publisher: Sonoma Games Release Date: Jan 29, 2021 Steam URL: Kidnapped from your everyday life, you find yourself in a large theme park that feels more like an escape room. Solve puzzles, explore 12 themed islands, find resources, and use your wits to escape while resolving your dilemma ...