The Films Of Mack Sennett By: Warren M Sherk


The Films Of Mack Sennett By: Warren M Sherk

The Films Of Mack Sennett By: Warren M Sherk | Ebooks – General Non-Fiction | PDF | 25.24 MiB
| ISBN: 9780810834439 | English

Author: Warren M. Sherk

Film history catalogs the influence of film upon the development of modern cultural life. The Films of Mack Sennett is a prominent entry into this important effort. In the same manner that Sennett fully devoted himself to film, the Mack Sennett Collection devotes itself to the detailed study of the history of film. Donated by Sennett in 1951, it marked a pivotal point in the evolution of the Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It was not just the first major special collection to be given to the library, but it contained some critical first-hand information about an early moment in American filmmaking by one of film’s most successful directors.

Mack Sennett was born Michael Sinnot in Richmond, Canada. After brief periods doing burlesque and working on Broadway, Sennett worked as an actor at Biograph films. He left the position in 1912 to co-found Keystone Film Company. The films he produced at Keystone over the next few years are the zenith of a unique brand of American comedy. Sennet is immortalized in the Keystone Kops and the custard pie in the face, two images that have become standard features and nostalgic symbols of American comedy.

The Mack Sennett Collection consists of essential film storylines, casting records, shooting and production schedules, contracts, and daily report sheets. The Films of Mack Sennett is an authoritative reference work that contains the most comprehensive listing of cast and production credits ever published for films produced by Mack Sennett. It includes credits and production information for 855 films released between 1912 and 1933. The alphabetical list of Sennett’s films has information concerning the cast, directors, cinematographers, length, working title, production company, release date, and special notes about the films. In total, there are 13,400 credits for 2,300 individuals. The wealth of detailed information in this book makes it invaluable for those interested in a complete picture of early Ameri

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