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Another exquisit release
     Title: C# Object-Oriented Programming for Beginners in C# and DotNET
 Publisher: Packt
  Category: Programming
      Size: 1153M
     Files: 9F
      Date: 2022-01-19
  Course #: 9781803235110
 Published: Packt
   Updated: N/A
    Author: Praveenkumar Bouna
  Duration: 2 hours 4 minutes
 Exer/Code: [X]
Unpack that shit, run that shit
Be a part of this beginner-friendly and hands-on course to learn
and implement all the pillars of the OOPs (Object Oriented
Programming) concept in C#.

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16M	01.01-about_the_course.mkv
14M	01.02-let_us_build.mkv
3.5M	01.03-conclusion.mkv
3.5M	02.01-introduction.mkv
15M	02.02-what_is_oop.mkv
9.1M	02.03-pillars_of_oop.mkv
29M	02.04-c_classes.mkv
36M	02.05-c_objects.mkv
5.5M	02.06-abstraction.mkv
48M	02.07-coding_assignment_1_solution.mkv
7.9M	02.08-conclusion.mkv
4.5M	03.01-introduction.mkv
33M	03.02-c_fields.mkv
32M	03.03-constant_and_read-only_fields.mkv
23M	03.04-static_fields.mkv
39M	03.05-value_types_versus_reference_types.mkv
30M	03.06-access_modifiers.mkv
85M	03.07-coding_assignment_1_solution.mkv
7.0M	03.08-conclusion.mkv
4.5M	04.01-introduction.mkv
26M	04.02-c_methods.mkv
42M	04.03-constructors_and_destructors.mkv
23M	04.04-c_properties.mkv
11M	04.05-encapsulation.mkv
27M	04.06-types_of_passing_parameters.mkv
24M	04.07-method_overloading.mkv
19M	04.08-static_classes.mkv
122M	04.09-coding_assignment_1_solution.mkv
6.9M	04.10-conclusion.mkv
4.8M	05.01-introduction.mkv
20M	05.02-what_is_an_interface.mkv
51M	05.03-implementing_an_interface.mkv
32M	05.04-default_interface_implementation.mkv
26M	05.05-properties_in_interface.mkv
23M	05.06-static_members_in_interface.mkv
11M	05.07-why_are_interfaces_required.mkv
6.6M	05.08-conclusion.mkv
5.0M	06.01-introduction.mkv
24M	06.02-what_is_inheritance.mkv
28M	06.03-constructors_revisited.mkv
38M	06.04-access_modifiers_revisited.mkv
25M	06.05-casting_in_inheritance.mkv
8.7M	06.06-why_multiple_inheritance_isnt_allowed.mkv
8.2M	06.07-conclusion.mkv
5.1M	07.01-introduction.mkv
24M	07.02-what_is_polymorphism.mkv
15M	07.03-method_hiding.mkv
16M	07.04-method_overriding.mkv
25M	07.05-abstract_class.mkv
17M	07.06-how_to_prevent_polymorphism.mkv
5.7M	07.07-conclusion.mkv
1.2G	total

Size: 5854453 bytes (5.58 MiB), duration: 00:01:01, avg.bitrate: 768 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 30.00 fps(r) (eng)

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