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     Title: SSCP Cert Prep: 5 Cryptography
 Publisher: Linkedin Learning
  Category: N/A
      Size: 371M
     Files: 8F
      Date: 2022-01-12
  Course #: 3008369
 Published: Linkedin.Learning
   Updated: N/A
    Author: Mike Chapple
  Duration: 2:17:39
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Unpack that shit, run that shit
Prepare for the Systems Security Certified Practitioner
certification (SSCP). Review the objectives from the
Cryptography domain of the SSCP exam.
NOTE: No subtitles were available at time of packing

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25M	01.01-protecting_data_with_cryptography.mkv
6.2M	02.01-understanding_encryption.mkv
12M	02.02-symmetric_and_asymmetric_cryptography.mkv
7.8M	02.03-goals_of_cryptography.mkv
7.6M	02.04-codes_and_ciphers.mkv
7.6M	02.05-choosing_encryption_algorithms.mkv
5.7M	02.06-the_perfect_encryption_algorithm.mkv
6.9M	02.07-the_cryptographic_lifecycle.mkv
6.6M	03.01-data_encryption_standard.mkv
8.1M	03.02-3des.mkv
13M	03.03-aes_blowfish_and_twofish.mkv
4.7M	03.04-rc4.mkv
12M	03.05-steganography.mkv
8.3M	04.01-rivest-shamir-adleman_(rsa).mkv
4.5M	04.02-pgp_and_gnupg.mkv
8.6M	04.03-elliptic_curve_and_quantum_cryptography.mkv
5.9M	05.01-cryptographic_key_security.mkv
7.3M	05.02-key_exchange.mkv
8.7M	05.03-diffie-hellman.mkv
8.0M	05.04-key_escrow.mkv
4.9M	05.05-key_stretching.mkv
7.0M	06.01-trust_models.mkv
12M	06.02-pki_and_digital_certificates.mkv
17M	06.03-hash_functions.mkv
7.4M	06.04-digital_signatures.mkv
12M	06.05-create_a_digital_certificate.mkv
3.1M	06.06-revoke_a_digital_certificate.mkv
5.5M	06.07-certificate_stapling.mkv
16M	06.08-certificate_authorities.mkv
9.9M	06.09-certificate_subjects.mkv
6.6M	06.10-certificate_types.mkv
6.0M	06.11-certificate_formats.mkv
7.5M	07.01-tls_and_ssl.mkv
6.8M	07.02-ipsec.mkv
22M	07.03-securing_common_protocols.mkv
6.2M	07.04-dkim.mkv
14M	07.05-tor_and_perfect_forward_secrecy.mkv
8.4M	07.06-blockchain.mkv
9.4M	08.01-brute-force_attacks.mkv
6.9M	08.02-knowledge-based_attacks.mkv
11M	08.03-limitations_of_encryption_algorithms.mkv
1.4M	09.01-continuing_your_studies.mkv
367M	total

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