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     Title: DevOps Foundations: Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration
 Publisher: Linkedin Learning
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     Files: 11F
      Date: 2022-01-04
  Course #: 2898248
 Published: Linkedin.Learning
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    Author: James Wickett
  Duration: 1:51:27
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Unpack that shit, run that shit
Build faster, more reliable software with continuous
integration and continuous delivery. Learn about core CI/CD
concepts by seeing how they fit into a delivery pipeline.

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28M	01.01-devops_foundations_cdci.mkv
8.4M	01.02-what_you_should_know.mkv
26M	02.01-devops_core_concept_cicd.mkv
36M	02.02-benefits_of_continuous_delivery.mkv
20M	02.03-build_pipelines_in_practice.mkv
23M	03.01-introducing_the_delivery_pipeline.mkv
42M	03.02-version_control_practices.mkv
18M	03.03-version_control_in_action_with_git.mkv
19M	03.04-continuous_integration_systems.mkv
34M	03.05-continuous_integration_in_action.mkv
37M	03.06-building_artifacts.mkv
30M	03.07-artifact_repositories_in_action.mkv
25M	03.08-testing_and_continuous_delivery.mkv
20M	03.09-testing_philosophy.mkv
13M	03.10-unit_testing_in_action.mkv
41M	03.11-application_deploy_and_release.mkv
27M	03.12-deployment_in_action.mkv
8.6M	03.13-integration_testing_in_action.mkv
16M	03.14-ui_testing_in_action.mkv
15M	03.15-security_testing_in_action_with_gauntlt.mkv
31M	04.01-cicd_best_practices.mkv
44M	04.02-continuous_delivery_in_real_life.mkv
15M	05.01-next_steps.mkv
1.1G	total

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